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 We would LOVE to capture memories for you of your special day! We would be THRILLED! Weddings are amazing beautiful days - but they go by SO fast! The bride and groom pour their heart and soul into planning the perfect beautiful day - and they succeed! But the problem is there is just so much going on that the stars of the day (the bride and groom) often miss out on enjoying all the details they carefully planned out - and what they do experience, they remember as more of a blur than anything else! Let me capture those precious moments for you so they are yours FOREVER!

If you look around, you will find that our prices will be on the lower side of wedding photography, but our QUALITY rivals the higher priced photographers! Our prices start at $1400 dollars for 8 full hours of coverage (INCLUDING a second photographer!) and a FREE engagement photo shoot!

Your wedding is one of (if not THE) most important days of your life! You deserve to have pictures that capture all the amazing moments of the day - and you shouldn't have to take out a bank loan to do it! Don't trust this day to just anyone - go with someone who LOVES weddings, who loves the beauty and romance of the day - someone who understands just how magical this day should be - and that is who we are! We would LOVE the chance to sit down over coffee and discuss your wedding photography with you! And even if you DON'T decide to go with us, we truly hope you have an AMAZING wedding and a wonderful life!

Below are some samples of shots we have taken at weddings. It's updated all the time, so be sure to come back from time to time to check out our latest work! 

Below is a video by one of our favorite wedding photographers, Jason Lanier. In this video, he goes over 10 things for brides to consider when thinking about what they want and expect from their wedding photographer and wedding photography. At this point, we think the only part we disagree with him on is the amount of photos. My wife and I take a LOT of pictures at each and every wedding - and we try and make each one count! So, if you hire us, you will get many MANY great photos. Other than that though, this video contains some extremely valuable information to consider!