Summers parting gift.....

So, summer is over. Is it? I dunno - I read somewhere that like today or tomorrow was the first day of fall. Of course I have also read that bigfoot is actually a space alien here to lead a goldfish uprising, so there ya go....

Anyway, the temperature seems to be lower. I say "seems" because, yes, the thermometers are reading slightly lower temps then we have had (we had a day this summer that was 120!!!!!), but it's hard to tell because summer has left a parting gift: humidity! I don't know how it is where you are, but here at my place it is currently 78% humidity. I guess it wouldn't be so bad, but (of course), my air conditioner broke. 

A moment of silence please.... My A/C has worked like a champ all summer! Dutifully pumping out nice cool air like it was piped directly from Santa's freezer! Yeah, we ran our A/C a lot - I am sure we bought the people at the electric company a nice vacation home in the Bahamas, but it was worth it (remember, 120 degrees!!!!!) But now, our frigid guardian has apparently blown his last gust of cool paradise. I suspect the sun has noticed this untimely demise and decided to ask his good friend humidity (also known as Satan's girlfriend!) to come and stay at my place! Now, we do have access to a swimming pool - but.... ya see, we live in an apartment complex. It's a nice one. Heck, I LOVE it here! But that means it's a communal pool - and, well, well I just don't like the idea of swimming in other people's urine. Not that I want to swim in MY urine either, but - well, you know what I mean!

So it's hot and miserable at my place right now - and ya know what's weird? I find myself mostly worried about my dogs lol! One of my dogs, Sally, is kind of old. I don't think she has much longer. I worry that it's too hot for Sally! I am dripping sweat, and trying to point fans at my elderly dog lol! 

I dunno, maybe the heat has fried my brain! 

So, no real point to all of this other than this - it's hot, so how do I make sure my old dog is comfortable?


Thanks for readin :)