Still here

Heya everyone! Sorry I haven't posted much - going through a relapse of that cold thats going around. Right now when I cough - it feels like my head's gonna explode! But I am done with the full edits from the Rachael shoot - 45 fully edited pics, and about 295 basic edits, for almost 40 hours worth of editing! But they look great!

An embarrassment of riches!

So, as I go through the over 300 pics from my shoot with Rachael, I realized something... there is NO way I will be done by this Thursday, the deadline I set for myself lol! We created so many shots that I like, that I was having a hard time deciding which ones to do the "in depth" edits to, and which ones to do a basic clean up of. Rachael is such a talented model that even right out of the camera, most of the shots are great - but I like the shots to be kind of an over the top, epic, dramatic style. So I am doing full blown edits to as many as I can (I don't want to make Rachael wait too long before I give her the disc with the pics). As I was going through them, I ran across this one and tried something a little different - I went for a "grungier" feel for the edit. It's different from what I usually do - but I like it! What do you think?

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Where to shoot, where to shoot.....

So I have asked this a few times - and it's likely I will ask again: Where's a cool place to take pictures? Pictures of people in particular. You know - like portraits. Let me ask it this way - if YOU could have pictures taken of you anywhere in the Inland Empire, where would it be? I mean, what's a spot that you have seen, and you think would make a cool location to have your picture taken at? I have lots of spaces in mind - the Municipal Auditorium, the Orange Empire Train Museum, the Power House ruins in Norco - I would LOVE to shoot at the Norconian! There is a cool new wedding space in downtown Riverside (I don't know what it's called though). What locations have YOU seen?


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The day after my first model shoot....

So, as I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, I had my first official model shoot. Using a website called "Model Mayhem," I was able to get in touch with a model who was willing to do a photoshoot with me. I was actually a little nervous right before the shoot, but I couldn't quite put my finger on why - but my wife figured it out. Before, if the shots didn't come out well, it only really affected me - they were shots for my portfolio. But this time, the model (her name is Rachael) also intended to use the shots for her portfolio. We are both intending to use the shots we created together to further our respective careers. Once Natalie and I started setting up the gear though, my nerves calmed right down. The shoot went great, Rachael is a very professional model and knew what she was doing - and my wife (as always) was a HUGE help. We all worked together and got some great shots! I have a few hundred to go through - now, many are almost identical, but even so, Rachael and I will have many shots to use. I will be posting a few here (on my website) and even a couple on Facebook over the next few days :)

The location we used was the "Back To The Grind" coffee shop in Riverside. The owner, Darren, was nice enough to let us use their downstairs area (for free!) for nearly 4 hours! That was very cool Darren, thank you!

I am very happy with how the shoot went, and the pictures we got! Immediately after a shoot, I am exhausted - it's actually kind of bizarre how much a photoshoot takes out of you (I can only imagine how tired Rachael was afterward - she had to go to work after the shoot!). But now, a day after, I am even happier! Well, I gotta get back to editing these pictures :) 

If you are a photographer anywhere the Inland Empire area of Southern California and you need a model, Rachael was the exact opposite of some of the diva/model horror stories I have read. She was on time, she was professional, she worked hard and stayed in a great mood throughout the nearly 4 hour (!) shoot - and she is a sincerely nice person as well. Her Model Mayhem number is 3450170 and her Facebook page is: Rachael Hughes Modeling.

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Upcoming shoot

So I have my first "real" model shoot coming up on Thursday. So far I have had mainly my wife model for me - and she has done an AMAZING job, and it doesn't hurt that she is incredibly beautiful! And my wife will continue to model for me - she likes making cosplay and steampunk outfits, and I like to take pictures of her in them. We also have had friends model for us. They have also done fantastic!

But this shoot is different...

See, my wife doesn't really aspire to be a model. "How does that matter?" you may ask. Well, I aspire to be a professional photographer. I practice, I study, I learn, I work to become better at what it is I want to do. My wife, who is beautiful to begin with, has taken the initiative to learn the basics of posing and make up techniques and such... but modeling isn't her goal. It's not something she strives toward. An aspiring model does strive toward mastering this. They would have worked on poses and expressions and such. We both plan to use the pictures from this shoot to further our careers (on opposite sides of the camera), so we both have a lot riding on the shoot. We both want to work to create the best pictures possible!

So, I am very excited about this - and maybe a little nervous... It's not just my career in play here lol. I'm sure it will go great - and I will be posting pics (of course!) afterwards :)


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