Do your wedding vendors talk to each other? They should!

Video. It’s one of many services you can get for your wedding, and it’s actually a pretty cool thing! While we don’t do video ourselves (we consider ourselves photography specialists), we actually do recommend and encourage people to hire a videographer for their wedding – we are just very upfront about the details, and try to help people think through whether or not a wedding video is right for them. For instance, we ask these questions:

1.     How many times has someone showed you their wedding video?

2.     How many times has someone showed you their wedding pictures?

The answer to the first question is quite often “never” – or very VERY few times. The answer to the second question is often something like “a LOT!” – Videos are awesome, but they do require a larger time commitment than pictures. You can see a picture in the blink of an eye, while a video will require a few minutes. So, in general, most wedding videos are shown maybe a few times in the days following the wedding, while wedding photos are shared over and over for years to come.

But still – wedding videos ARE pretty awesome! If you want one, then you should absolutely have one (and we happen to know some people who do AMAZING work, we can give you their info if you want). But you should be sure you know what you are getting – and how it will impact your wedding. We have done a LOT of weddings. We have worked with several videographers. Most are great people and they do great work. But then…. Well, not EVERYONE is great. Some have a very “focused” view of what they are doing on the wedding day.

Let me explain what I am getting at…

My wife and I are wedding photographers (obviously), when you hire us, we become part of your wedding team. That team is made up of your wedding party (Maid of Honor & Best Man particularly), the officiant, the caterer, the baker, the florist, the coordinator, the DJ, the florist, etc. We are all part of your team – you and your fiancé are the team captains. The team has, essentially, ONE JOB for the wedding day. To do everything we can to make YOUR day awesome. The day isn’t about us – it’s about YOU!! Our job is to make your day awesome, and we have to work together to do that. Each member HAS to understand how what we do for the bride and groom impact what the other team members are trying to do for the bride and groom. Frequently, we have to make adjustments and compromises to ensure each and every team member can do what they need to do for the bride and groom. It almost always goes off without a hitch. The bride and groom are almost never aware of any compromises that needed to be made – everything goes just fine. On the rare occasion that it DOESN’T go fine, it may be aggravating for the team members involved, but even then the bride and groom don’t need to hear about it. We team members just adapt and overcome the situation and get the job done. It’s our job on the team. As long as every team member keeps the underlying rule in mind – THIS DAY IS ABOUT THE BRIDE AND GROOM – then even annoying compromises are no big deal.

But every once in a while we end up with a member of the team who doesn’t seem to care how what they are doing will impact what other team members are doing. We recently did a wedding where the bride and groom had hired a video crew. Not just a videographer, but an entire crew. This crew had awesome gear – it looked like they setup to film a movie – and THAT was the issue. During the ceremony, they had four STATIONARY cameramen. One at the rear of the ceremony area, one on each side, and one setup slightly to the side behind the altar area. This meant that virtually every shot we got of the wedding ceremony had a giant, ugly camera, tripod in it (not to mention the camera operator). Some of the best shots we get at each ceremony – some of the shots that the brides end up loving the best, are shots of the bride and groom at the altar, where you can see their friends and family looking on and loving the moment. At this particular ceremony, this particular shot was impossible to get. Not to mention shots from several other angles were out as well.



In the shot above, you can see one of the cameramen in question. Now, he’s just doing the job he was hired to do. Whoever was in charge of their company told him to setup there, and that decision ruined a lot of great shots. In the shot below, you can see a similar shot from a similar angle – at the exact same venue, but this time without a cameraman in the way!


There were other issues with the cameramen – such as putting their gear bags in places that ruined shots, having their vehicles parked in areas that would ruin shots, etc. I am sure they made sure all their shots were free of the distractions they created! But the pictures – the things that get shared FAR more than the video – they suffered. In most cases, we are made aware of the videographer well before the ceremony, in ALL cases (except this one) the videographer speaks with us before the ceremony so we can work out a quick game plan to try and stay out of each other’s shots so we can all work towards our goal of getting awesome work for the bride and groom. In most cases it’s just one videographer (and possibly an assistant). This videography company never spoke to us. Not once. They didn’t ask us what angles we might need or want open, they didn’t ask us what our game plan was, they didn’t tell us what angles they would prefer us to try and avoid in order to help their shots, they didn’t tell us THEIR game plan. Nothing. They didn’t try and work with us to make sure the bride and groom got awesome results from photography AND video. When I tried to speak to them, they kind of blew me off. Seriously. They focused ONLY on what they were doing, and as a result, the video and pictures didn’t come out as good as they could have – as good as they SHOULD have!


My point is that you should make sure your vendors (those you hire to ensure that your day is awesome) understand that they have to work with the other vendors for the day. NONE of us are more important than the others. On your wedding day, there are only TWO important people present; you and your fiancé. The vendors should communicate with each other; they should be committed to working together to make your day awesome! And IF you hire a videographer, you should INSIST that your photographer and videographer communicate together! It will help to ensure that every part of your big day goes perfectly. You DESERVE it!


Thanks for reading!