An embarrassment of riches!

So, as I go through the over 300 pics from my shoot with Rachael, I realized something... there is NO way I will be done by this Thursday, the deadline I set for myself lol! We created so many shots that I like, that I was having a hard time deciding which ones to do the "in depth" edits to, and which ones to do a basic clean up of. Rachael is such a talented model that even right out of the camera, most of the shots are great - but I like the shots to be kind of an over the top, epic, dramatic style. So I am doing full blown edits to as many as I can (I don't want to make Rachael wait too long before I give her the disc with the pics). As I was going through them, I ran across this one and tried something a little different - I went for a "grungier" feel for the edit. It's different from what I usually do - but I like it! What do you think?

Thanks for readin!