Upcoming shoot

So I have my first "real" model shoot coming up on Thursday. So far I have had mainly my wife model for me - and she has done an AMAZING job, and it doesn't hurt that she is incredibly beautiful! And my wife will continue to model for me - she likes making cosplay and steampunk outfits, and I like to take pictures of her in them. We also have had friends model for us. They have also done fantastic!

But this shoot is different...

See, my wife doesn't really aspire to be a model. "How does that matter?" you may ask. Well, I aspire to be a professional photographer. I practice, I study, I learn, I work to become better at what it is I want to do. My wife, who is beautiful to begin with, has taken the initiative to learn the basics of posing and make up techniques and such... but modeling isn't her goal. It's not something she strives toward. An aspiring model does strive toward mastering this. They would have worked on poses and expressions and such. We both plan to use the pictures from this shoot to further our careers (on opposite sides of the camera), so we both have a lot riding on the shoot. We both want to work to create the best pictures possible!

So, I am very excited about this - and maybe a little nervous... It's not just my career in play here lol. I'm sure it will go great - and I will be posting pics (of course!) afterwards :)


Thanks for reading!