Another subject we love shooting is "senior portraits." There is something really special about the transition from child to adult! The dreams, hope and ambition in their eyes is pretty much impossible to miss. The world is theirs for the taking, they stand on the brink of greatness - and we get the honor of capturing a moment at the beginning of their grand adventure! 

From traditional to more "out of the box" styles, we can get you the images YOU want! We can do mixes of traditional and edgy, all one or the other, on location or studio - whatever YOU want is what you get! Whether you (or your loved one) are graduating from high school, college, trade school, or whatever - please consider us to catch some memories from this time, so they can be yours to keep forever! Memories fade - pictures are forever!

Our prices for senior portraits start at $150 for a full session. We KNOW we can get the images YOU want! Contact us [here] (or click the "contact link" above) for more information, and have a fantastic day!