Hello! Ok, so here are the samples - these are LOW RESOLUTION samples. So some images may seem too bright, or too dark, the color may be off etc. I upload them like this for quick viewing on your end (or whomever you share the link with.) I do the edits using the full resolution files, and I will absolutely make sure they are the proper brightness, correct color, etc, when I edit them. All you need to do is to find the 10 images you want edited (pick the ones that have the expression you like, the posture you like - things like that) and download the ones you want, and email them to me so I have the exact file information. Just right click on the files, click "save image" and send those to me. I need them that way in order to have the file information to make sure I edit the ones YOU want. As I am sure you will see, many pictures are very similar, so having the exact filename is important. You will get those, PLUS the rest (unedited) on a disc. The turnaround will be about 5-7 days from when I get the email from you with your selections. (Click on an image to see a larger version)