About us

This is me (Rob) and my beautiful and amazing wife & photography partner Natalie

This is me (Rob) and my beautiful and amazing wife & photography partner Natalie



So, again, welcome to my site! I am really glad you stopped by! Across the top you can see links to different aspects of my work  - by all means, look around, I truly hope you like what you see!     :)

So, let me tell you a little about myself. As you already know, I am an Inland Empire based photographer (in case you didn't know, the Inland Empire - or "The IE" - is a collection of mid to large sized cities in Southern California, somewhat near Los Angeles)  who specializes in photographing people. Pretty much any setting.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed two things - people watching, and being creative. I like to write, I have played guitar since I was 15, I have even dabbled a bit in acting. But all along there was photography. My dad was a photographer, and once when I was very young I watched him develop a picture in his dark room. When he put a blank piece of what I thought to be paper into the developing tray and the image "magically" appeared - I was fascinated! So now, doing photography myself allows me to create things by watching people, how cool is that? I mean, I enjoy taking pictures of just about anything - but there's just something about people! They are so interesting to me - you never know when an unbelievable moment will occur (often they don't know either) - and it's just great to capture those moments. I also really love catching those moments that most people overlook, like a bride's father standing off to the side, virtually unnoticed by everyone, just watching his daughter on her big day - the look on his face can be amazing!

Again, I like shooting people in every setting - I do weddings, family portraits, senior portraits, kids, couples, parties, events, cosplay, etc. I just like taking people's pictures! I have always been on the shy side, and photography is an easy way for me to interact with people, and I love the amazing pictures that result from that interaction :)

I have been married to my amazing wife (who "second shoots" with me at most weddings) for almost 20 years now, I have 2 sons, and even a granddaughter - although I agree with people when they say I am FAR to young to have a granddaughter.... but I bet all new grandparents say that lol!